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Okie dokie, bring out the mo…chi?

I would normally insert some kind of excuse for our hiatus here, but at this point I feel like no one would believe anything I had to say… And for good reason! But hey, at least it hasn’t been a … Continue reading

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Who needs momentum?! (Apparently we do…)

Slayers SEDS ch. 05: “Over Mountains, Over Streams: The Dragon’s Vale” [Download | Read Online] I’d say we’re on a roll, but two releases in two weeks isn’t really that impressive, is it? Oh, well. If you know us, you … Continue reading

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Slayers Sunday? Don’t mind if I do!

Slayers SEDS ch. 04: “The Heretics’ Plot” [Download | Read Online] The Slayers fandom on Tumblr recently (ish? within the last couple of months anyway) started this thing called Slayers Sunday where people go hog-wild with Slayers stuff, and we … Continue reading

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CONGRATULATIONS! Barajou no Kiss has been licensed for English release by Viz! Buy it November 2014! If anyone knows us here at Turtle Paradise, you’ll know that little, if anything, gives us as much joy as when a series is … Continue reading

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The Twelve Days of Doujinshi, day twelve: The F – A Story (FF9)

The F – A Story Series: Final Fantasy VIII Author: Shirow Miwa/M.M.M Works (Gee) [Download] Here it is, everyone, the final (story-based) chapter/book in The F, and it’s… Boy, is it a way to close out a great book. Hope … Continue reading

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