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Title: LA Noire
Post by: Rebmastu on May 25, 2011, 06 PM
After hearing Adam Sessler go on and on and on about L.A. Noire for the past two weeks through G4's Feedback podcast (which is awesome and I recommend it to pretty much anyone, just sayin') and watching all sorts of video footage of gameplay, I've been lusting over it. HARD. Too bad the 360 suddenly took a puke. =( Still, I'm farkin pumped about it.

For one thing, those hyper-realistic faces are SO FUCKING COOL. And crime-solving with minimal button-mashing shootouts and a higher focus on story based dialogue and content? This is practically the first quality bone we RPG fanatics have gotten since the next gen consoles came out. (excluding a handful to the contrary.)

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Title: Re: LA Noire
Post by: ZippyZippy on May 25, 2011, 07 PM
I want to play this game so bad. But the video rental hasn't gotten it in yet. T.T And I have no money to shell out $50+ to buy it.
Title: Re: LA Noire
Post by: Melfra on May 25, 2011, 08 PM
Title: Re: LA Noire
Post by: Tom the Mighty on May 25, 2011, 09 PM
Well, the facial animations do look great . . but the rest of the game took a hit quality wise in the visual department . .  . Still looks like my type of game
Title: Re: LA Noire
Post by: Melfra on May 25, 2011, 11 PM
I think the crazy detailed faces combined with the PC quality character models (hey, that's just my opinion) has a really cool effect. That, and sandbox style gameplay with that architecture? Oh my <3

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