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Title: stuff i want criticism for
Post by: jabber on March 03, 2010, 12 PM
Because deviantArt hates me, and more of my brother can check my deviantart, and hence my mother can as well. And my friend isn't helpful at all and i decided to stop lurking and be active in the online community.
I present my original characters for something i'm working on.
I colour in GIMP and my lineart is done on paper, scanned and then tweaked a lot
so tadaaa:
http://scarlet-bunnies.deviantart.com/art/I-want-huggles-155504470 (http://scarlet-bunnies.deviantart.com/art/I-want-huggles-155504470)

I've spent huge amounts of time trying to finally draw profiles...of guys. because generally i can't draw guys...so i used a LOT Of references for the face shape.


and for this one: colour choices? Did i pick okay colours?  :wut:

Title: Re: stuff i want criticism for
Post by: Tom the Mighty on March 03, 2010, 12 PM
It certainly is not terrible. I'd work on your proportions some more, maybe study a more realistic style and see how it compliments your more anime look.
Title: Re: stuff i want criticism for
Post by: jabber on March 03, 2010, 02 PM
ahahaaa.... proportions....crud....
thanks for telling me!
Title: Re: stuff i want criticism for
Post by: Moonshayde on March 04, 2010, 11 AM
It's a good start.  It seems like a typical anime style, but this is coming from someone who never really got the hang of drawing what could be considered straight anime.
Your line work is very nice, smooth and thin and you seem to have that down.  The most glaring thing to me is that you have a ton of texture: in the background, in the clothes, but none in the face and hair which makes it seem all the more flat.  You also attempted some shading on the neck but the face is not a flat plane, even in profile. Get a flash light and look at yourself in the mirror.  That's an extreme example but any sort of observation works.
As far as the anatomy; your typical manga and/ or anime tends to just ignore basic rules of anatomy, so looking at more or this sort is never going to truly help you. I don't know if you've taken your university's anatomy drawing class or not, but there are also awesome books out there that will take you a long way. The more you practice from life and observation, I know it sounds boring, will make you better at just about anything you attempt.  It becomes second nature after a while.  I've found out a lot of manga artists I like were traditionally trained artists.
Don't be discouraged.  Just practice like a madman.  I draw all the time and I'm not about to say it's all good but it helps me get better little by little.
Title: Re: stuff i want criticism for
Post by: jabber on March 05, 2010, 04 PM
I'm a first year science student.
I don't take art classes. Drawing's been my hobby since grade 6.
Yeah the entire "practice practice" thing has been what's gotten me this far.
essentially i just...draw what looks relatively right....
So playing with the texture brushes in backgrounds makes the people look flat. alright. Thanks.
Title: Re: stuff i want criticism for
Post by: MagmaStorM on March 05, 2010, 07 PM
oooh nice, I myself can't  draw,
well an uber perfect stick figure :3 lol
ur choice of color is not bad,
ur doing great there :)
is that an original character? or fanart? or anime trying to do a realism? impressionism? expressionism? surrealism? lol D: -i suck at this-
the second pictures, need more highlighting too :3
ull get there >:)
Title: Re: stuff i want criticism for
Post by: jabber on March 06, 2010, 08 AM
i mostly do original stuff now. and yeah i'm definitely goingn for an anime look.
ah highlights.. thanks!
Title: Re: stuff i want criticism for
Post by: Shae on March 06, 2010, 04 PM
 Your pretty good for someone who isn't learning art formally through a school (not that i'm going for art either) DeviantArt also hates me... :frustrated:...and the fact that I lose motivation at the speed of sound doesn't really help me get any better...:happygiri: you're pretty good at character consistancy and outfits.  Anatomy, as a fellow artist...I...hate it :argh:...but it's essential for anyone who wants to get serious or seriously improve their artwork.  As for me, I practice anatomy for 1 hour a day(starting today :numnumgiri:)....any more and i'd go brain dead... :sad:. you would really give your characters a stronger sense of presence if you learn the basics of shading. :cuteface: (but, I can't really be one to talk as my shading SUCKS...) All that is really necessary is to keep drawing. :happygiri: Anyway, keep up the good work!

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