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Title: Editing - Cloning tutorial (basic)
Post by: Rebmastu on May 30, 2009, 05 PM
I might make these public... Eventually. I dunno. But for now, use these as training materials! I'll hopefully put up a new section every day. Maybe I'll just call it quits at this and delete it later, lol. I dunno.

Alright, in this post, let's cover the basics of editing! We're going to go ahead and assume at this point that the scanner has taken care of all the pre-cleaning steps, including rotating, cropping, and leveling the page.

First, let's start with cloning! The most basics of the basics. Keep in mind that your job is to erase all text from the page. We'll work with the below image, just for an easy example

Grab the clone stamp tool (pictured here) (http://turtleparadise.desertmoon.org/staff/tut/clone_stamp.jpg), and uncheck the "aligned" box(pictured here (http://turtleparadise.desertmoon.org/staff/tut/align.jpg)) unchecked, unless you can match up the source with the tones in one shot, in which case you can do whatever you want. Select your source by holding the alt key and clicking a spot on the image. Release the alt key and click anywhere on the image to transfer the source wherever you'd like. The tool will continue sampling from that area for as long as you hold down the button.
You'll have to choose a few different samples until you get a good one - make SURE the tones match up, too!

Here's what you DON'T want, versus what you do.
(http://turtleparadise.desertmoon.org/staff/tut/clone_nomatch.jpg) (http://turtleparadise.desertmoon.org/staff/tut/clone_match.jpg)

And keep going until you finally finish it! Remember that the clone stamp works almost EXACTLY like a regular paintbrush, so almost all of the short cuts apply as well. (Especially the one where clicking one spot, then holding down the shift key and clicking in a different spot draws a line. Comes very much in handy.)

And that's it! More to come later... Maybe?
Title: Re: Editing - Cloning tutorial (basic)
Post by: Twilight_Butterfly on November 30, 2013, 04 AM
0.0 um...I'm using picmonkey and it doesn't have a clone stamp...
Title: Re: Editing - Cloning tutorial (basic)
Post by: Rebmastu on November 30, 2013, 12 PM
But cloning is an essential skill to have as an editor! If your program isn't capable of doing it (never use web-based editing programs!), Adobe has Photoshop CS2 for free on their website. (http://www.adobe.com/downloads/cs2_downloads/index.html) Photoshop is THE program to have when editing, so I really do suggest downloading it, even if it requires signing up for an account. Online sites usually resize/compress the original images too, so that's a real detractor when you want to preserve the quality of the images.

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