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Eurovision is back!

This year the contest takes place in Kiev after Ukrainie's JAmala won with "Genocide by Russia", a song that neither the viewers nor the juries thought was the best, but both thought was pretty good. It's seriously cool, go check it out.

Runner up was Australia's Dami Im with "Barbie Girl". This one is far less cool, so you can totally skip it.

For some reason Sweden got a decent result with a fifth place, even though we sent a very boring song. Don't look it up.

But that's enough of a history lesson, who are competing for the top spot this year?

A minor disclaimer: it's much harder to predict the field this time than two years ago, as there's no star entry like Mums Måns.

Just like always we have a quite diverse (and strange) field of contestants.

Of the Big Five (France, Spain, Italy, Germany and UK) I only give UK's Lucie Jones with the ballad "Firestorm", I think she'll reach top 13, highest of the Big Five. Betting services Italy as a top contestant but I think they sent a crappy contestant and it's going to show in the results.

A fun entry is Belarus's Naviband with "Is this country? I think this is country". I'm honestly surprised to find them in the finals but it's a fun entry. It's not a winner, but possibly top 10.

Armenia's Artsvik with "Creepy and Flames" might do rather well, since it's creepy in the right way. Top 8 I say!

Moldova gets a honorary mention for sending Epic Sax Guy again. This time they're sending The Sunstroke Project with "Might I sleep with your daughter m'lady (tips fedora)". Yeah, it's awful, I  call Bottom Six on it.

The next interesting entry is Cyprus who're sending Hovig with "One Leg" It's not a winner, but it might do well enough for Top 8 which would be a very good result for Cyprus.

The next contestant isn't good, but it's definitely very fun: Romania sending Ilinca ft. Alex Florea with the song "Unintelligible" this one is going to end up somewhere between place 10 and 20. It's good to have something strange near the end to wake up all those who've fallen asleep by now.

Next we have Ukraine, the host, who despite hosting is participating with a decent entry. They're sending O.Torvald with "Laser Eyes". It's ending up in top 13, which is rather good for a hosting nation.

The last interesting entry is Sweden's Robin Bengtsson with "I Can't Stop" which I initially believed to be unable would be unable to reach the finals. However, after watching the rest of the entries then I do understand why the bets are placing him in the top. There really is nothing better in the contest.

The contest starts in 8 hours and 18 minutes from now.
Be There or be Not Fabulous!

General Discussion / Eurovision 2015 Writeup
« on: May 22, 2015, 02 PM »
Two years ago I made an awesome writeup for Eurovision. This year I'm back with another writeup!

But this year I am ready before the finals have played out!

So what are the contestants?

Starting out the contest is The Headphones from Slovenia with the song Stuff!
Following Slovenia (and a few others) is Golden Shoes from Arabia with the song Didididi Hoya Hoya
After that it's a boring interlude, until awesomesauce SWÄRJE! and we're sending the veteran MÅNS with the song SS Army! We're totally winning this year too!

The next contestant is special, since it's Guy du Bas-Tyra from Australia, and this is the first time that Australia competes. Anyway, Guy is competing with the song Bumping Uglies.

The next interesting contestant is Cloreen (clone Loreen) from Latvia with Morphine. This song is dedicated to Total Biscuit.

Closing the contest is Queen Goth from Georgia with Thunderstorm.

So make sure to watch it fellas!

General Discussion / The Grand Compendium of Turtle Boxes
« on: June 25, 2013, 02 PM »
Brilliant idea of mine, I'll just dump all the different chatbox interfaces that I know of here
Yeah, I am that egocentric that I asked mell to name it "anon", but hey, it's Awesome!

General Discussion / Awesome Eurovision 2013 Writeup
« on: May 18, 2013, 07 PM »
(some might argue that this post should have arrived before the contest, they are wrong as this is the perfect time)
You know how it is, the greatest TV show on the year, watched by people from three continents (Yes, I call Israel and Baku-land Asia, and Australia is awesome for watching so we should totally invite them to participate together with the rest of the British Commonwealth).

After the year 2009, when we with great hopes sent this fair lady to beat the opponents senseless Marlena.
We went crazy, when it placed quite bad... sending a young lady with a boooring song, whom didn't even qualify to the final (I support that, boo on us for sending that wee lass when we should have sent a boy with curly hair).
But 2011 we rallied, sending a young boy with straight hair, whom after a brave fight saw himself third to victory. Good fight young lad, good fight.

In 2012, the same year Finland sent this Brave Creature to read their votes...
We sent this lady Loreen.
After futile resistance, and pettiness from Italy (darned mustaches refused to vote for us), we won.
We won, which meant that we had to arrange the contest for 2013. But with the Nobel party every year we do have some experience at the very least...

Now, let's take a look at interesting participants.
From Greece - The Booze Boys with The Alcohol is Free
From F.Y.R. Macedonia -Lady and the Tramp with Pred Da Se Razdeni (Hand over some alcohol greeks)
(lady have been accused of stealing clothes from this man

The Metally Finland - Krista Siegrfied with Marry Me
Our Dimwitted neighbors, Norway sending Margaret Berger with I Feed You My Love (so you'll starve)
And of course, the big favourite....
From Romana, Cezar performing It's My Life (so I'll sing Falsetto in an insane dress if I want to)

The field is populated for the final... (we ignore the swedish contestant cause he's crap and was decided by the rest of Europe)
Alas, as the prophets foresaw, we have entered a new loop on the wheel of time.... so this time as before... the drunkish Danes took the victory in Sweden.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the drunk Winner Emelie de Forest with Only Teardrops (codeword for beer)

This is my gift to You know who you are  :rabugiri:

Anime & Manga discussion / Fanservice
« on: May 14, 2013, 04 PM »
I have read some manga with fanservice... and you know what?
While it's kinda fun, I really do feel that it degrades the quality of the plot. Many of the fanservice parts seems just to be shoehorned into the story. Shoehorned, with a sledgehammer.
It's not that I truly dislike fanservice... I just wish that it happened more naturally in the story, instead of the author just firing off a checklist.
That's just my opinion, it would be nice to hear others as well

« on: April 17, 2013, 02 PM »
Hey, I thought about this.
Everyone here can afford a steam account.
Everyone here can afford Team Fortress.
Team Fortress got a "Defend Against The Horde" mode which is pretty funny.
So what do people say about a game of it or two some time?
I want You to defend Me from ROBOTS

General Discussion / The Opera
« on: March 20, 2013, 06 PM »

Just thought I would mention, I got volunteered to watch Wagner's Tristan and Isolde on saturday, a behemoth at roughly six hours, counting the breaks and intro... and pretty much all of it in Operatic German
Would you be thrilled?
I am pretty thrilled, Wagner composed some great music.

General Discussion / Anon's Words of Wisdom
« on: February 08, 2013, 12 PM »
Here I'll post quotable stuff, words of wisdom, you know. The idea is for it to be daily, but I dunno how often and long I'll keep going....
Without further ado, here's the first one.

"Running admin on a computer connected to the internet is like playing with syringe's you found in the thrash in the seedier blocks; you might get away okay, but you really should not expect to"

General Discussion / TED Talks
« on: January 13, 2013, 06 PM »
You know what? I enjoy the TED Talks, some of them anyway. So I thought I would do the social thing, and talk about it, tip others about nice ones.
Mostly I want others to link talks that they've enjoyed, though that won't happen.... this forum is deader than the reindeer meat I ate earlier today. But at the very least, you'll get one interesting video.

- The Power of Introverts.
Watch it, Punk!

General Discussion / Christmas Table
« on: December 30, 2012, 09 AM »
Yes, now, right after Christmas there is the big question.....
What do YOU see as a vital part of the Christmas Table?

Me, I want reindeer and ham. I consider those to be Vital.
Please share what you want on the table!

« on: December 19, 2012, 01 PM »
Reb had a conversation with her doctor about beating cadavers!


General Discussion / AMoL
« on: October 23, 2012, 03 PM »
Just thought I would mention that it will be released on January Eight.
A good day, that will be.
Just so you know, too.


I went through a process that reliable sources assured me is close to the common methods that translators use to get english out of moonrunes.
  To make it more readable, I decided to post a few explanations and cut it into pieces...
(click to show/hide)
As you can see, even this short piece has some tricky parts "Orchid wheat average woman" might be something that you can pussle out, but I hesitate to try guess what a "chutzpah" is, or what 8000000000000 is doing in front of a year.
Read on for the next part
(click to show/hide)
Here even more tricky parts sneak in, who is Macy Evil? What colour is Ayla black? and does any of them relate to the talented magician she loves? Does she have 16 or 17 thieves?
Clearly, you can see the need for our precious proofreaders.

(click to show/hide)
What are those hidden hanhaeseoyi treasures? Maybe we can get a proofreader here to explain? But what is the Brothers blonde screaming originally? Maybe it comes from the damages side entrance?

This clearly defies my great mind, it requires someone with far more cunning than what I possess... So when a chapter is very very late, remember this page and try to make sense out of it

General Discussion / Happy Birthday Shoe
« on: July 06, 2012, 05 PM »
Brethren, Sistren we have gathered here today to say good bye to our dear friend, this past year of Shoes life. It's gone, and never will it return.
I would ask you to remember it, with fondness, and not with grief. As this is something natural that will happen to all of us.
So please, a minute silence for this year, and please welcome the new one with warmth in your hearts.

Thank you.

Welcome! / Hi, my name is Anon
« on: June 21, 2012, 10 AM »
Hello children. I am Anon, but you might call me grandfather due to my venerable age. You might have seen me around for a while, and I've finally decided to create an introduction topic.

I came here because of Slayers, stayed because of Fun. When I am not here you might find me walking around with a cane in one hand and a book in the other, if the weather agrees with me.

Please take care of me, and remember to bring me some ammonium chloride if I'm feeling grunchy, it's sure to perk me up.

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