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Welcome! / Hello ! Hai ! Hey ! Sup !
« on: July 09, 2014, 10 AM »
Hello everyone! Like many who posted in this section, I am a thoroughly full-bred newbie ~ So please take care of me.
Oh and please beware, I am a walking cookie-conversion magnet. So if I touched someone, you will be transformed into a cute lil cookie ... isn't this wonderful? (¬*______*)¬ *looks around for potential victims*

Just a bit more about myself! I am a human, and yes, I am from Earth (er... no, not from Cookie Land, even though I can make people into cookies). As you may or may not noticed, I have a really weird personality. My favourite colours are black and midnight blue.

Since I am bad at forming sentences, I'll put it in bullet points instead:
  • Is an anime and manga fan
  • Likes sleeping
  • Loves music a lot
  • Dislike green peppers
  • Is a weirdo
Oh well, I suppose that's it really! Nice to meet you all \(>u<)/

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