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Fanworks / stuff i want criticism for
« on: March 03, 2010, 12 PM »
Because deviantArt hates me, and more of my brother can check my deviantart, and hence my mother can as well. And my friend isn't helpful at all and i decided to stop lurking and be active in the online community.
I present my original characters for something i'm working on.
I colour in GIMP and my lineart is done on paper, scanned and then tweaked a lot
so tadaaa:

I've spent huge amounts of time trying to finally draw profiles...of guys. because generally i can't draw i used a LOT Of references for the face shape.

and for this one: colour choices? Did i pick okay colours?  :wut:

Welcome! / Hi
« on: March 02, 2010, 04 PM »
well finally decided to stop lurking...
anyway, i love the mangas you choose to scanlate.
 i live in Canada and am currently in university, so the fact that scanlations get delayed and all that is perfectly understandable to me (heck trying to help my friend with her scanlating group in high school was hard enough, and i was just the QCer)
Kind of on a whim after a midterm, i decided to try out editing...and i needed to make an account to yeah.

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