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Welcome! / So...Hi : D
« on: March 14, 2011, 12 AM »
Hello there people :]
I've been registered on this forum for about a month but only now I'm making a thread and replying to topics D:
I'm really liking this forum and this scalation group.
It's one of the best : D

Thank you for all the hard work  :wahwahwah:

I'm kind of torn about this.
I love they way it is. Because it's not that kind of manga that you already know what's going to happen.
But at the same time I feel like they need some love xD
All of them.
If they do go with the romance I (like people already said it) hope the autor doesn't go all cliché on us.

She looks so sad D:
But I don't know why I'd love to see them together : D

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