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Hell yeah rock on  :wahwahwah:

Here's the rules: I say a word, and you say the first thing that comes to mind. Next person makes a post with another word based on what you said and we'll all just have a swell time  :numnumgiri: Now to start it off!

(woohoo I like paper)

Welcome! / Re: Baki dropping in
« on: May 14, 2009, 09 PM »
Oh spectacular, I've been wanting to meet you~ :numnumgiri:
er, of course, I'm never on AIM so real time chat is kind of, well, you know =P
But hey, welcome to the team! It's great to have new people onboard, and with a forum now we shouldn't get too confused with everything. Well, hell, I was getting confused enough when it was just Reb and myself working things. But a little organization never hurt anyone, amiright or amiright?

And we totally need to release more chapters of Barajou I mean omg but hey, one chapter of volume 1 left and volume 2's out in like two weeks so HOT DIGGITY DAMN this is going to be sweet!

Well, like I said, welcome to the team! And since you're a member of the team.. that means you get automatic immunity from the ban hammer! Aren't you happy? (I know I would be because lksafldj I love my hammer)

(I am digging these emoticons too, I mean Reb says they're too small, but laksfj onigiri  :pshyeah:)

Announcements and Releases / Re: Rock on forum time!
« on: May 13, 2009, 10 PM »
WUT WHY NOT  :numnumgiri:

Announcements and Releases / Rock on forum time!
« on: May 13, 2009, 10 PM »
So, welcome to Turtle Paradise's new forum! Rebmastu's been all gaga over one for a while so I decided to spend the day setting one up for her.

Ain't I the sweetest?

So now we've got this nice forum with a couple features! But to get the credits out of the way, those lovely onigiri you see above your topic posts are from Mushmallow, so go over there if you want an overdose on adorable pixel art! Hey, now that I think about it, our favicon's from that site. Haw, I love that place.

The default theme features Anise from Barajou, because everyone should know by now that I have a massive girl crush on her. Aniiiiiise~~!!  :happygiri:

Anyway, have fun guys! We don't have a lot now, but that's because forums are user driven. If you run across a forum with no posts, just hurry up and make one yourself! Don't be shy, we're all friends here!

Unless I ban you. In that case, eh alsdfjlj.

You know.

At Rebmastu's behest, I'm now taking this seriously.  :weepygiri: Dammit, Reb!

Anyway, my name's Melfra, and I'm one of the founding members of Turtle Paradise. Currently I do odd jobs, like cleaning, scanning, and QCing. I don't typeset or translate because I a) can't read Japanese above a  :huh: level and b) I lack artistic talent so what am I doing designing the site and forum for huh. Regardless, I help where I can! Out of all our projects, my favorite is Barajou, as demonstrated by my irrational girl crush on Anise. (not like she comes even close to Tifa in girl crush territory, but neither of them can beat my alslkfdkls on Conan/Shinichi or HEIJIIIIIII)

Obviously I Have massive  :rabugiri: for Detective Conan, and pretty much everyone I know calls me a shotacon. Not like I am, but for argument's sake it's all Loki's fault.


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