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« on: March 13, 2012, 03 PM »
Today, and also the rest of the month, both Venus and Jupiter will/should be visible on the night sky by the naked eye(at least on the northern hemisphere).
But today, the 14th and the coming few days, they will be conjoining, which should look quite nice.
but before they conjoin, they will be easy to identify as Venus is very bright, and Jupiter is quite dim, (as they are conjoining, they are also very close).

So fellows with a clear night sky, do take a look. Here in Gothenburg they haven't conjoined yet (I think). This is something that last happened 40 years ago, gaze upon the star lit sky, and behold the conjoining of Jupiter and Venus, gaze and ponder on the errors of Newton and Einstein, gaze and remember that tomorrow is the glorious Pi Day!
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