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Awesome Eurovision 2013 Writeup
« on: May 18, 2013, 07 PM »
(some might argue that this post should have arrived before the contest, they are wrong as this is the perfect time)
You know how it is, the greatest TV show on the year, watched by people from three continents (Yes, I call Israel and Baku-land Asia, and Australia is awesome for watching so we should totally invite them to participate together with the rest of the British Commonwealth).

After the year 2009, when we with great hopes sent this fair lady to beat the opponents senseless Marlena.
We went crazy, when it placed quite bad... sending a young lady with a boooring song, whom didn't even qualify to the final (I support that, boo on us for sending that wee lass when we should have sent a boy with curly hair).
But 2011 we rallied, sending a young boy with straight hair, whom after a brave fight saw himself third to victory. Good fight young lad, good fight.

In 2012, the same year Finland sent this Brave Creature to read their votes...
We sent this lady Loreen.
After futile resistance, and pettiness from Italy (darned mustaches refused to vote for us), we won.
We won, which meant that we had to arrange the contest for 2013. But with the Nobel party every year we do have some experience at the very least...

Now, let's take a look at interesting participants.
From Greece - The Booze Boys with The Alcohol is Free
From F.Y.R. Macedonia -Lady and the Tramp with Pred Da Se Razdeni (Hand over some alcohol greeks)
(lady have been accused of stealing clothes from this man

The Metally Finland - Krista Siegrfied with Marry Me
Our Dimwitted neighbors, Norway sending Margaret Berger with I Feed You My Love (so you'll starve)
And of course, the big favourite....
From Romana, Cezar performing It's My Life (so I'll sing Falsetto in an insane dress if I want to)

The field is populated for the final... (we ignore the swedish contestant cause he's crap and was decided by the rest of Europe)
Alas, as the prophets foresaw, we have entered a new loop on the wheel of time.... so this time as before... the drunkish Danes took the victory in Sweden.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the drunk Winner Emelie de Forest with Only Teardrops (codeword for beer)

This is my gift to You know who you are  :rabugiri:
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