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Slayers... volume 16?! (Novels)
« on: January 20, 2018, 11 AM »
Ladies and germs, I have exciting news! A direct sequel to the Slayers novels is in the works!!!

As part of Dragon Magazine's 30th anniversary celebration, many of their flagship titles are receiving new content. This includes new entries for Full Metal Panic, Seitokai no Ichizon-- and of course, Slayers! Their website goes into detail on the specific stages of the celebration, including an upcoming digital library project. (That should be good news for Slayers Special fans!)

The March 2018 issue announces that the main Slayers storyline will receive a direct sequel in the coming year. (Given the specific language used, we can probably say that this will be a full novel at the very least.) The additional Slayers content in the magazine itself is a basic reintroduction to the Slayers universe and our main 4 - including Lina and Gourry, of course, but Zel and Amelia will be joining the main cast as well!

The snippets of story given are of three different scenes (I'll refrain from going into TOO much detail, as I intend to translate the passages in their entirety and don't want to spoil the fun. =D)

  • In the first, Zel drills Gourry over whether he REALLY remembers his name or not (the compromise they reach makes Lina roll her eyes.)
  • In the second, Lina and Gourry take the Blast Sword to a new(? please confirm!) character named Elaina, an elf, in order to have the dulling spell removed from the sword. She uses an elfin style of magic and tools that Lina is very, very interested in... (From a scholarly perspective!)
  • And finally, the third is a brief battle scene where Amelia throws down with a brand new mazoku. When they find out it's sporting everyone's favorite brand of mythical beast-turned-armor (again?!), Amelia proposes dealing with its magic-cancelling attributes in a way that only she can. (Lina, again, rolls her eyes.)

So with that said, the 16th volume will feature the main four! The tone seems to be pulling more from the comedic side a la Special, but I suppose that's to be expected with how long he's been in that universe versus honpen.

There's no exact word on when the first chapter will be released outside of sometime in 2018, as the Slayers contribution to Dramag's 30th anniversary is specifically in this preview. The verbiage is probably important here, as the other participating projects use more vague phrases such as "a new project is in development!" or "New plans in the works," so I'm sure it will be this year. (Previous interviews with Kanzaka indicate it may be sometime in Spring.)

Stay tuned for a full translation of the preview!
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