Author Topic: How I ended in hereミミ☆。  (Read 802 times)

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How I ended in hereミミ☆。
« on: June 29, 2019, 01 PM »
Dear Senior members,

I had a dream about a remake of the old Slayers on the TV schedule this morning. I was trying to look for the channel on TV but unsuccessful. I missed the time/programme not available. I was secretly doing the above as I was sleeping/trapped in a jail-looking dark bedroom in my dream. My only hope to save myself out of this miserable situation is finding the channel, something to look forward to every weekend, let me live in my imagination.

I woke up and began searching for Slayers content on Google, youtube and websites. Listened to Spells video, looked for English version of the novels that have not been turned into animation (maybe Volume 8 or 9?), found a News about a new continuation of the novel updated in May 2019. And landed in Turtle-Paradise scanlation.

I came from Hong Kong(now in R.O. Ireland long-term). Slayers was aired in Hong Kong in Cantonese dub when I was in kindergarten/primary school. I then discovered that Lina and Anna from Shaman King (Aired on Animax Singapore about 2006) are voiced by the same person while walking back home from school , thinking that Anna's voice sounds notalgic to me! I looked on Wikipedia and to Megumi station website. She has the same birthday as mine and pursued a career as a voice actress and song writer instead of nursing. It's important as this inspired me to follow what I like. I feel safe and relatable whenever I listened to her songs.

I hope that the forum would keep going as I love the scanlation site and icons☆. I hope to meet Megumi fans/Slayers fans. If possible, have meet-ups to play games and tea and coffee together. Penfriends are welcome too (•u•). Admin, if I am of any helo to you, please contact me and see if I am able to help as I am unemployed at the moment (still looking for science jobs/courses :weepygiri: ). P.S. I have taken a look in the Chatbox and have joined the Discord group.

Best Wishes,
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