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Rules & Guidelines (updated 11/6/2012)
« on: December 30, 2009, 01 AM »
On the Forum

  • The registration "password" is "cupcakes" (no quotes)
  • Play nice. This means no obvious trolling, baiting, or digs at one another.
  • Keep images and language at a tolerable level. NSFW images should go under a spoiler tag unless the thread calls for it.
  • Do not stray from thread topics unless participating in conversation. Single line posts like, "I don't know what that is" or "that's weird" are generally not OK. When in doubt, it's probably best not to post at all.
  • No double-posting except for in staff areas/spambox. That's what editing is for!
  • Do not spam the forums with advertisements and/or post links to sites that may be harmful to one's computer
  • Don't ever force your religious or political beliefs on others.
  • Don't be a weaboo. We don't like weaboos.
  • Mods retain the right to close any thread without explanation.
  • Mod rule trumps all. Do not question or fight the mods.
  • Do not remake any threads deleted or locked by mods.
  • Keep signature images under 600px wide and 250px tall. Anything over that can go under a spoiler tag.
  • Avatars must not contain nudity or excessive gore.
  • Pissing off the mods to a certain extent will result in bannination. Yes, this means you can get banned just by being a dick.
  • If you ever have any questions, just PM either Rebmastu or myself, and we'll be more than happy to give you a hand.
  • Please don't ask when new chapters are out. We try to release as soon as they're finished, so we really don't know when one's due out until it's done.
  • Go bananas!
Members found violating these rules can and will be banned or deleted.
In the Chat Box

Mods ban people at random. Deal with it. To avoid angering, use the following guidelines...
  • Conduct rules for the forum apply in the chat. This includes rules #1, #5, etc
  • Do not post spam. This includes repeating letters, single marks of punctuation, single post filter tripping (except during appropriate conversations), or links to malicious websites
  • Do not post user images exceeding 500 KB
  • Do not post user images with nudity or graphic violence. (unless Melfra likes it. Mod favor can be bought.)
  • Arguments can and will happen, but this does not mean flying off the handle and acting like a 12 year old is tolerated.
  • Don't ever force your religious or political beliefs on others. (seeing a pattern here?)
  • Don't be a weaboo. We really don't like weaboos.
  • Mod rule is the best rule.
  • For the love of all that is good in this world, if you piss off Maruna, just run.
Someday, I'll ban everyone in the chatbox.

Anyone caught violating these rules
will be banned at mod discretion.


If these rules seem unfair to you, please remember that access to Turtle Paradise is a privilege, not a right. I don't like the thought of the forum becoming an "approval only" setup, but if conduct becomes an issue, the forum and all associated services (including chat) can and will be closed to the public.

*red colored text denotes updates.
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