Author Topic: Applying for the Editor position  (Read 4750 times)

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Applying for the Editor position
« on: May 14, 2009, 09 AM »

Edit the following pages and post them in a new topic once you finish.

Difficulty: Two-Page spread

1. Crop and rotate the pages, then redraw the seam in the middle so that they form one seamless image. The pages do not join perfectly, so you'll have to use some creativity in what you redraw and how you redraw it. Feel free to alter the surrounding areas to suit your needs, but the main image must stay intact! When cropping, remember that the page ends at the black background behind the page. Follow the seam in the margin for a guideline on where to crop.
3. Erase specks on page
4. Erase text and redraw behind it.
5. Resize to 1600px.

Difficulty: Redraw/tones

1. Level if necessary
2. Erase specks on page
3. Remove all text and redraw where necessary.
4. Resize to 1600px height

Once you've finished, either hit us up on discord or email me at rebmastu[at] and we'll give you feedback on how you did.

Good luck!
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