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Mebius Gear

Inoue Toshiki and Rikudo Koshi


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There is a mysterious breed of mechanical creatures, aptly called “Machines,” who will, on the condition that their Host never love another person for as long as they live (else the debt will be paid in blood), grant their wielders fortune and prosperity. And where a Host has betrayed his Machine, you are sure to find a member of the mysterious Gari family, wielders and hunters of Machines, in the ensuing carnage…
Contains nudity, adult situations, and gratuitous violence. Read at your own peril!
01 A Destined Love May 31, 2010
02 A Snow-White Dream July 12, 2010
03 Idols Under Attack October 6, 2010
04 Hidden Emotions January 25, 2011
05 Another Power June 13, 2011
06 The Unseen Truth March 28, 2012
07 Bonds and Betrayals May 13, 2013
08 The Iron Law May 2, 2018
09 The Price of Love July 2, 2018