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Omamori no Kamisama

Kosugi Mayu


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Meet Matsuri, a high-school girl in love. Typical, right? But no one knows what’s in Matsuri’s special protective charm… Mimori, a god of protection! Mimori takes the form of a miniature boy and protects Matsuri from danger while supporting in her quest for romance… Until he realizes that he, too, has feelings for her! Can true love exist between a god and a human?
01 Matsuri’s Omamori March 18, 2010
02 Hinako’s Omamori March 18, 2010
03 Matsuri and the Omamori March 18, 2010
04 The Lost Omamori April 26, 2010
05 Aya's Omamori May 24, 2010
06 The Two Omamori July 26, 2010
07 The Omamori and the Wish September 14, 2010
08 The Two and their Omamori September 21, 2010
09 The Keeper of the Gods and the Omamori October 5, 2010
10 Matsuri and Mimori (end) November 2, 2010