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Slayers Evolution-R

Hyouju Issei


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The continuation of Slayers Revolution. With the defeat of Zanaffar, Lina, Gourry, Zelgadis, Amelia, and Pocota, the prince of Taforasia, continue their hunt for Rezo’s urn, each with their own motivations for doing so. Pocota to revive his people from Rezo’s well-intentioned sleeping spell, and Zelgadis to regain his former body. However, something deeper is circling around the intrigue behind Rezo’s urn, and all will come to a head in the bustling city of Vezendi……
01 Daybreak and Intrigue March 18, 2010
02 Merchant City, in Flames March 18, 2010
03 Ma-Oh (The Demon Lord) March 18, 2010
04 Death March 18, 2010
05 For Whose Sake? March 18, 2010
06 Epilogue + Omake March 18, 2010