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Slayers Slayers Light·Magic

Sasaki Shin


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In the distant future, mankind has advanced into an age of technological supremacy, where magic is a lost art only mentioned in fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Living in such a world is Light Inverse, a youth who dreams of sorcery…. but suddenly, his home is attacked by Mazoku! With modern weaponry proven to be ineffective against the monsters, all hope seems to be lost…. Until Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev are suddenly transported to the future from a mysterious shrine in their time. Can Lina bring magic back to this land…!?
00 Prologue March 18, 2010
01 A Savior has Appeared!? March 18, 2010
02 The World of Children March 18, 2010
03 Lina’s Desperate Crisis!? March 18, 2010
04 The Name’s "Professor" March 18, 2010
05 Begin the Counterattack! March 18, 2010
06 My Friends at my Side July 19, 2010
07 Forward, Ark! July 26, 2010
08 The Power to Dream September 6, 2010
09 A Dazzling Future October 19, 2010