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Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Story

Yoshinaka Shouko


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When Lina Inverse meets the dimwitted swordsman Gourry Gabriev, the two partner up in what should have been a temporary alliance... But when the two find themselves under constant attack by brutal demons out for their blood, they join up with Zelgadis, a chimera desperately searching for a way to regain his former human body, and Amelia, a spunky princess with a penchant for justice! Join these four unlikely companions as they kick some mazoku butt, lay the smack-down on bandits and Demon Lords alike, and search for fine cuisine - all in the name of massive collateral damage! A manga adaptation of the first eight novels.
01 The Bomber Girl Appears! May 15, 2013
02 Guard the Golden Muscle September 23, 2013
03 Breach the Impregnable Fortress! September 30, 2013
04 The Heretics' Plot May 18, 2014
05 The Dragons' Den May 25, 2014
06 Orichalcum Secrets April 15, 2018
07 Secret...Treasures? May 28, 2018
37 RESUMING March 18, 2010
38 Enemy: Gourry!? March 18, 2010
39 Lina’s Resolve March 18, 2010
40 City of the Dead March 18, 2010
41 Hell Master’s Game March 18, 2010
42 Lord of Nightmares March 18, 2010
43 Lina’s Return March 18, 2010
44 Super Extra Chapter - Summer!! March 18, 2010