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Title: New Forum
Post by: Melfra on September 24, 2009, 10 AM
I'm convinced that part of the reason we're having such low activity on the forum is because of how clunky SMF is. Even from the backend standpoint, it isn't very efficient. So I was considering moving to vbulletin, like all the cool kids do. It's more interactive (If you've ever been to sites like mangafox, thats's the system they use) and just doesn't handles itself like crap. Furthermore, if I remember correctly, it is possible to port all of our posts to vbulletin without issue.

One problem. It's ridiculously expensive, and I'm not sure how I feel about using donations to cover it when many of the site's users don't bother with the forums. That's why I'm hoping something that's a little bit more intuitive would improve the activity over here.

I'm really hoping for some opinions on this, you guys!
Title: Re: New Forum
Post by: Maruna on September 24, 2009, 11 AM
Hmm... vBulletin is good. I'm sure most people would be a lot more comfortable with that. I can't honestly say I agree that it would increase activity on the board, but I suppose there's a shot.

I couldn't find a solid price on the vBulletin website, but the numbers I saw... Terrified me.
Title: Re: New Forum
Post by: Melfra on September 24, 2009, 04 PM
No, I wouldn't think it would attract more people, but I notice a lot of legit account registering and then they don't post. So I assumed that maybe the board wasn't a good fit so they didn't bother.

Yeah, the price is intimidating.. uh, to put it lightly. I've found they have a huge problem with pirating (GEE, I WONDER WHY), so there's that. I just don't want to jump into this unless everyone thinks it's a good idea. By the way, have you been on many forums with vBulletin?
Title: Re: New Forum
Post by: Anon on September 24, 2009, 04 PM
vBulletin is nice I guess, but... I don't really think the forum type? is that important when it comes to people posting....
If you look at Mangafox, Mangahelpers, Onemanga Frankly-House, all of their forums and take a look at active members VS members with 0-5 posts.
The reason mangafox etc. are much more active is that they got atleast a few 100x more members, not because they run on vBulletine.
Title: Re: New Forum
Post by: BurntPie on September 24, 2009, 10 PM
imo, i dont think the forum's host is the type of forum.. ( i cant even identify whats v-bulletin or not hurhur =x  :deadface:)

Isn't worth the money if you wanna change just for more activity...

we just need more people!! and random threads!  :cuteface:

(and maybe when the manga releases become more n more popular and more n more people start coming.. some people just register for the sake of registering n disappear INTO THE ABYSSSSssSs  :argh:)

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