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Welcome! / Heyyyyyy ,umm...i think i need help =p
« on: October 03, 2009, 12 PM »
Hi Hi Hi,  :numnumgiri: I LOVE MANGA AHHHH IM CRAZY 4 ITSooooooo, im somewhat trying to apply 4 a job here, as u can see no progress, i cant find were/how to apply x/
 :cuteface:Im trying to be worthy, CUZ I CANT DO NO STINKIN TRANS OR SCANS!  :wahwahwah:Though...maybe some editing.....

Anyways, i like the colour purple, um im nice ( i wont bich-slap ypu cyberly...maby) i like ramdomz people xD n i like funnyz people =D

Um, i have darkbrown hair, n eyes.
What else you need to noe?
Oh right now im looking online 4 someone who can draw me in anime/manga style. umm,  so far i got some posts on some sites that can draw ppl. Any of you guys know some site, or can draw?

i loook forward to being friends with everyone here  :pshyeah: (n i love these icons XD !!!!)

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