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Fanworks / Amusing Ama
« on: August 05, 2015, 07 PM »
Amusing Ama

Hmm. Well, there once was a girl who lived in a house in a forest on an island in a sea on a planet in a universe in a galaxy in a snowball.

//*Ama* But how can there be a universe in a galaxy? :O
*Me* Yes, of course there can, it's like cats^2.
[See, the snowball has a limited space and therefore the galaxy, which is smaller, is outside the universe, to ensure that the universe and everything inside it actually fits inside the snowball.]//

(The snowball was floating around somewhere in a unicorn-field filled with rainbow glitter).
She didn't know about the snowball though. And since she didn't know, she decided to travel to the outermost part of the galaxy. Anyway, as any good traveller knows, to travel outside your own planet you need a towel, a smuggliburf, an intergalactic passport and a nice change of clothes, for various tea-parties that may pop up. The girl, who's name is unpronounceable, however, did not have a towel. A smuggliburf she had, tucked away in the deepest part of the closet, since to be honest, who even uses a smuggliburf anymore? Everyone knows mubberypuffs are way better. But she had a smuggliburf and that's what matters. To find a towel, she thought she would go into town and try to find a nice old towel-tree in the old forest in the park (It's a big town). The older, the better towels, you know. So she took her scooter and drove of to the old forest in the big town. When she got to the park she met a boy(?) who was barking at the people who went past. She went to the boy(?) and asked why he was barking. The boy(?) looked at her and barked some more. She took out her smuggliburf, which she had dusted of all the soot sprites from, and slammed the boy(?) with it.
"Ow!" The boy(?) screamed. "What did you do that for? Oh, I'm not barking anymore! Thank you very much! What can I do to repay you for this great service?" The girl looked at the boy, who probably was a boy, though a bit doglike, and wondered why he was speaking Farsi. And then wondered even more at why she understood it. This she wondered out aloud, and the boy narrowed his eyes at her.
"Are you quite alright in the head, young lady?" He then wondered while surreptitiously trying to sneak away.
"Yes, I am quite alright in the head as you put it" she said, in Zulu this time, "and you can repay me by helping me to find a towel or two, so I can travel to the outermost part of the galaxy". The girl and the boy went into the park and entered the forest shortly. The forest was really very old, and creaked and cracked at every turn of the head. They saw a lot of towel-trees, but none that the girl approved. When they arrived in the middle of the forest they saw a gigantic towel-tree, probably older than the forest itself.
"This will do" she said and started climbing to the highest branch to get her towels. After plucking the towels, she slid down most of the tree and jumped the rest. The towels were purple with orange and green markings and smelled of "Zombie, for him and her". Finally she was ready for her trip into the galaxy.
"Do you have an intergalactic passport? Would you come with me to the outermost part of the galaxy?"
The boys face lit up with a smile and answered "Yes, of course!" since he was already quite infatuated with the girl. The girl smiled and together they went out of the forest and took her scooter to the intergalactic travel-port. There they showed their towels and passports and were sent to the launchpad.
"Take a good hold on your towels now, dears" the launch attendant said and pressed launch.
Finally they were on their way!
The stars flew past them as they towelled themselves forward in the wast space that is their universe. When they reached the edge of the universe, they stood on the precipice and looked behind them. "What a long way we've already travelled."
"We shall travel even longer before we reach our destination." The boy answered and took her hand. He looked her in the eyes, smiled and jumped with her in tow. As they flew past the Owlery of Hogwarts,  floated over the nest of the Phoenix and sailed through the Butterflies of Asgard they came to realise what a nice part of the known galaxies they lived in. They also received a lot of mail, were filled with bliss and healed of all injuries and swatted a lot of butterflies. At last they had reached the galaxy! Now all they had to do was cross it. It would be trés baguette work. So they began, and a few hours later they were back where they started.
"Hmm this isn't working, we need a better way to cross this".
"We do..." The boy (who's name was Dobi, by the way) thought about it for a long time. Then the smuggliburf jumped up from it's hiding place. "To cross the galaxy you need to turn your towels inside out!" Then it returned to wherever it had been hiding. They looked at each other, shrugged, and turned their towels inside out. In the blink of an eye they were at the outermost part of the galaxy. And then, what they saw made their eyes bulge out almost as much as Dobby's (from Harry Potter).

"WHAT IS THIS?????" They both screamed at the same time. To find out the truth they proceeded to break the glass of the snowball with the smuggliburf. They couldn't see what was outside the snow globe because it was so dark but they believed something was there. When the glass finally broke, everything inside it, including the universe inside the galaxy and everything within it, got flushed out. The galaxy couldn't take leaving the snow globe so it snapped until the universe expanded and imploded. With their eyes now as big as plates, they stared at the imploded universe and realised they had caused the destruction of everything they knew. And now they were stranded somewhere they didn't even know what to call. Then it suddenly became very bright and what they saw this time, made their eyes snap back to their original size. A creature so rare it had been thought to be a myth and only the Scott's were, sorry had been, brave enough to make it their animal of the state.


Here was a unicorn galloping towards them! And they were standing in a rainbow-glitter-field! They were besides themselves with joy and when the unicorn reached them, they were shaking. The unicorn looked at them. "So you have caused the destruction of the universe and everything known to you, eh?" The girl and Dobi looked down, filled with shame and grief. "It appears we have, yes, and we are profoundly sorry for it!" Dobi finally said after a long moment of silence. "Hmm... Well what shall we do about you two then?" the unicorn looked sternly at them. Now they were shaking from fright and not joy. Then the unicorn laughed and said "Never mind, you can stay here,live in the rainbow-glitter-field and party with us for the rest of your lives!!!" Suddenly they were surrounded by unicorns and the party started. They had nectar to drink and ambrosia to eat, they had each other and a merry gang of unicorns. They could now life happily ever after!
The end. :3

« on: January 20, 2015, 03 PM »
I've made a friend omg I've made a real-life friend :rabugiri: who loves Kpop, so I thought I'd introduce or re-introduce you to some stuffs, cause 1: we need more BOOM SHAKALAKA, 2: no posts since September...  :weepygiri:

Block B - Jackpot

B.A.P - One Shot

2NE1 - I Am The Best

BTOB - The Winter's Tale

Hyuna - Red

G-Dragon - Get Your Crayon

GD & TOP - Baby Good Night

BTS - Weekly Idol Girl Group Dances (not a mv, just a funny BTS (<3) video)

GOT7 - Stop Stop It

And just to be on the safe side,


General Discussion / Sherlock
« on: January 16, 2014, 08 AM »
Season 3. What can I say.

General Discussion / Let's try again. (For Tom and Pai 2)
« on: December 16, 2013, 06 PM »
Happy birthday to you,
                                               Happy birthday to you,
                                                                                               Happy birthday Dear Tom and Pai,         
                                                                                                                                                                    Happy birthday to youuuuu!!!

Good Luck!! Now you're both old.

« on: December 13, 2013, 08 PM »

« on: November 29, 2013, 06 AM »


I am

:rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri: :rabugiri:

*First big concert ever

General Discussion / HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAI AND TOM!!!
« on: December 16, 2012, 03 AM »
feel free to delete this if you feel it's inappropriate


Tom, have fun with your possible crisis of The Mighty and good luck with your future adventures. :happygiri:

Pai, KEEP ON DREAMING and good luck with your future job/hunting/adventures. :happygiri:

and Pai I'm so sorry for all the possible misery I might have caused you >_<'

Fanworks / My short story!
« on: July 27, 2012, 10 AM »
Okay, so the day has finally come and here it is, my fully translated short story! :happygiri: and since it's translated (by me) there might be some things that aren't perfect, so feel free to point it out and critic is always good, even if it is negative. Feel free to write what you think about the story, I can take it! :D
And a huge thank you to the people who helped me out with choosing the right words, you know who you are! And since I said I'll translate it for Pai I guess I'll have to dedicate it to him to. XD
And a small warning, it's a horror story, so don't get nightmares! ;)

(click to show/hide)

Welcome! / Yellow, everybody^^
« on: May 07, 2012, 11 AM »
Question, question!! Is the "Apply for QCer" open or close?? And yellow evribadiii!!!!!  :happygiri: How are you doing? I'm fine and completely Mad sane!
Like the Madhatter... <3

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