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Suggestions / Translation Suggestion/Request: Culdcept Volume 6
« on: February 01, 2013, 09 PM »
Culdcept is a cool manga based on a video game series thatthat features card summoning based combat. Tokyopop translated the first five books and then dropped the series (Hate Tokyopop! :angry: ), even though there was only one volume left in the series.

Culcept still has a decent following of people who would love to read the final volume. Culdcept Central even has a complete scan of the last volume that they would probably let translators use.

I was hoping that you might consider translating these final chapters. 

EDIT: Rereading the extras I just noticed that the author is friends with the author of Flower Thieves.

Slayers / Unknown Main Characters
« on: May 17, 2009, 03 PM »
I was thinking that since Hourglass of Falces features two main characters most english speaking (and reading) fans haven't heard of I should post a link to their introduction.
This link was given by Catgirl teh Crazy.

If anyone knows who did this or if there is a good translation of volume 10, please post!

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