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Thank you for the news. I hope this translation won't be too difficult for her.

I was in the forum of "tout sur slayers" - one of your links - and I read a topic about you were asking to yourselves about the possibility to translate the second part of the main series of the "Slayers" novels. Anyway, the ninth novel had already been translated long ago so you wanted to translate from the 10th to the 15th novel, the last one of the series so to speak.

I was wondering if the project still exists or if it was cancelled or delayed. If this project continues, I would be interested in helping you in any way. English is not my mother language (it's French) but I may attend the examination for being proofreader for that. I've already did in French many times with different people and they always are satisfied. Even though I'm a chemist, I am good enough in grammar and I'm sure I will be able to perform in this kind of work.

If this post already existed, I beg your pardon for creating a new one.

Welcome! / liclic says hello to everyone !
« on: July 02, 2011, 09 PM »

I'm Liclic. I have been a fan of slayers from almost ten years now ! I often come in your release part to read the slayers, lost universe releases etc.

It is due to Gruic that I've found this forum. I currently live in Canada but I'm a French Ph.D student.

Thank you for receiving me in your forum.

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