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About Me

RAWR! That's right, run for your lives, for I am the mighty SNO-OKI (well, scratch the mighty, and just keep the Sno-Oki).

I live in Australia, and I am currently in my final year of high school. I would write something more interesting here, but I can't think of anything suitably witty. Damn.

My Interests

I play hockey. TURF HOCKEY, not ice. I am the GOALKEEPER! I have taken many injuries for my team to stop that damn ball getting into the box (goals) including one to the knee (unprotected section), many to the undersides of my feet (crappy gear is crappy), not to mention an injury on top of an injury. Owch. Still, I love it, and no one else wants to be goalkeeper, so I do it.

I love literary and art analysis. Seriously, give me a piece of Umberto Eco or Kara Walker anyday.

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