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Suggestions / Project Wonderful?
« on: October 19, 2009, 02 AM »
I was wondering if anybody here knew about Project Wonderful. It's something Ryan "Dinosaur Comics" North started up.  It's a really easy-to-join ad service that accepts fan pages and well, just about anyone.  You can put ad spaces on your page for people to bid on, and you can also bid on adspaces on other people's pages.  (My favorite thing to do is just let ad money queue up from ads on my site and then turn it around to buy advertising for my site on other sites, since PW lets you keep all your money in a special account with them until you transfer it out to PayPal.)

It hasn't made me a ton of money, but it's been a huge success with getting word out about my web serial. (Link's in my sig! You know you want to! ...Also you can see my PW adspaces in the layout.)  They don't have buggy flash ads and it's very easy to instantly 'ban' a single ad that you don't want running on your site for any reason. (I've only had to do this twice in a little under a year.)  You don't have to have the price of the ad display under your ad. (But it's recommended you keep the "your ad here" text and link or no one will know how to buy an ad!)

Welcome! / Hi! My name's Irk.
« on: October 18, 2009, 04 PM »
I've been on hiatus from fandom for awhile but I used to do a lot of Slayers fanart and fanfiction.  I saw the Hourglass of Falces manga up on OneManga today and was pretty excited to see someone was doing Slayers translation work!  Also there's a lot of Slayers fandom in general here, it seems, and I miss Slayers fandom.

So if I can pass muster I would like to help in any way I can with stuff. <3  I look forward to, um, passing the five-post test!  Looking at the discussions on the boards, I'm sure it won't be hard to talk a lot here.

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