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About Me

Well, my name is Daniel, but actually most people call me Train, Shinji, Ven or Utsumi. Anyway, I live in Brazil, like almost all sports (specially soccer and basketball), I play loooooots of games, love to read manga and watch anime, and one of the things I love most in my life is listen to music.
By the way, I might be a little bit hard to talk to sometimes, cause I'm very timid =//, but I actually like to talk with most people that share the same likes/dislikes and even people that have nothing in common with me, so come talk to me if you have time, even though I don't speak too much, I can be fun sometimes. xDD
Nowadays my mood for games is pretty good,since I got a new PC and some new games, for PS3 and PC.

My favorite genres for anime and manga are: romance, action, shoonen, school life, ecchi (just a bit of ecchi stuff), adventure, supernatural and sometimes historical.

My favorite games are probably the ones from the Final Fantasy franchise (except for X-2 and XIII ¬¬') and the ones from Kingdom Hearts (specially Birth by Sleep and 365-2 Days).

I like to listen to music, my favorite bands are the Arctic Monkeys and Nirvana, but I also like The Beatles, The Kooks and a lot more =P.

OSTs... love them xDD Most of the OSTs from Dissidia, like One Winged Angel, The Messenger, Final Fantasy... I also like OSTs from anime, my favorites are probably from Evangelion (Thanatos, Zankoku na Tenshi no Tezee, Fly me to the Moon). Oh by the way, I forgot about Simple and Clean and Sanctuary (from Kingdom Hearts).

If you wanna chat with me, leave a comment or send me a message on chatango, I have two accounts there, the names are 7Ven7Roxas7 and UtsumiSeiji.

So, I hope you didn't get tired after reading this (xD)... thanks for reading and bye =P

My Interests

Well, I like sports, specially soccer and basketball; also I like to play video-games (favorite game: Final Fantasy VII), read manga (Kimi no Iru Machi, Barajou no Kiss, Black Bird, Evangelion, etc), watch anime (favorites: Bakemongatari, Evangelion, Amagami SS, etc), draw and listen to music (favorite band: Arctic Monkeys).

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