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The ultimate fanfiction.
« on: June 17, 2011, 05 PM »
O.o yes scary huh. Ive been working on it for years ^.^
Kind of embarrassing to post it but please enjoy~


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Re: The ultimate fanfiction.
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2011, 05 PM »

Chapter one amnesia

i woke up on a bed and like 3 feet away from me sleeping on both sides were hikouru and kouru, i got up and went into the hallway, walked to the window and saw this huge back yard, one of the twins came up behind me and said "they brought breakfast to our room"
i think "oh my god you scared me"
he said "oh sorry did i scare you"
we went back to the bed room the other twin was waiting for us
the twin that was with me said "found her"
we started eating, when we finished I asked "i have 2 questions"
the twins go "and what are they"
me"where am I and who are you?"
the twins are shocked that i dont remember then they go "do you have a fever or something" one of them feals me head "nope"
"are you messing around with us?"
i shake my head no
they were like "what are we going to do, lynn forgot us"
"ok lynn, we are at our house, I'm hikouru and this is kouru"
i say "wait a minute did you just say my name was lynn?"
i ask "do we have school today?"
kouru "no why?"
"because I don't remember any of my classes or what the school looks like"
hikouru "that means she doesnt remember where her house is either"
kouru "well, we are going to school tomarrow"
hikouru "we should call kyoya he would no what to do"
me "uh guys?"
both together "what?"
me"why was i sleeping on 2 beds put together?"
hikouru "thats it, i'm calling"
he picks up the phone and dials the number.
hikouru "kyoya, we have a bit of a problem here"
kyoya "and that is, it better be good to have woke me up this morning"
hikouru "lynn forgot who she is and who we are and everything"
kyoya "ill be over later this afternoon in the mean time, try to have fun jogging her memory back"
he hung up the phone
lynn starts thinking about what she remembers

ok so last I remember I was reading ouran high school host club on the computer the I went to I dreaming??

she pinches herself
"nope I'm not dreaming"

the twins "huh?"
kouru "what do you mean by dreaming??"

lynn "well, last I remember, I was on the computer, then I went upstairs to go to bed, and now I'm here"
hikouru puts his hand on my head "Who are you and what have you done with lynn??"
lynn "well, hikouru, I really am lynn, it's just that I've actually have never been here. if I have, that me was an imposter or just someone getting you ready to meet the real me"

the twins "huh?"
hikouru "well, she must be the real lynn,only lynn can tell us apart"

lynn "huh? what about haruhi??"

the twins "who??"

lynn "oh my gawd, she doesn't exist...that means... hey guys how did I meet you??"

hikouru "thats simple really, you are the only one with out a family, milord found out through the host club"
kouru "and decided that we ought to take you in."

lynn "oh...well, now that I'm here, and I have nothing better to guys wanna go do something fun today??"

the twins "Sure"
hikouru "but where should we go??"
lynn "any where is fine with me"
kouru "the ocean?"
hikouru "the amizon?"
lynn "how about your back yard?? we could play with water guns and swim in the pool"
the twins "ok"
"wait...we have a pool??"
they run to the window at the end of the hall
"oh my god we have a pool, how could we forget that its there??"
lynn "guys?"
she is still at the door to their room
the twins "huh?"
lynn "won't I need a bathing suit and someplace to change??"
the twins look at each other
thinking "ugh we are going to have to show her where everything is in the house again"
hikouru "wel, for now you can use the bath room across from our room"
kouru "its right in front of you"
hikouru"we'll need to pick out a bathing suit too"

the weekend went by, they had fun in the pool.So on to the next chapter we go!

Chapter Two : Whats going on??

the guys were all freaking out that lynn was missing, lynn was sleeping in a tree...
when she got down, they found her and were worried as hell
hikouru "that not like you"
lynn "like me to do what?"
kouru "you never run off on your own with out telling everyone first"
lynn "did i worry you?"
both of em "yes!"
((btw shes now sitting in a chair in the host club))
lynn "you shouldn't worry about me, hosts can't have girls friends or itll disapoint your costemers. well...IM GOING TO GO PLAY WITH NEKOZAWA! SEE YA!"
she gets up and start walking, they both grab her arm
"this isnt like you, you lost your memmory,you don't tell us where your going-"
lynn whining "but i just told you where i was going"

both of them "and what do you mean by playing with nekozawa??"
lynn "ya, play with dolls and curses and stuff"
both of them think why does she remember who nekozawa is over us??
lynn "see you later kouru, hikouru" starts to pass everyone else "by by tamaki sempi,kyoya,honey kun, mori kun, wel, i better get going"
they all gather in a group "this isnt like her at all...."
the twins "how come she rememberd you guys and not us?"
kyoya "it simple, because at first she was trying to figure out her situation, if she was wth any of us she would have asked who we were to try to remember something"
the twins "oh..."
kyoya "get back to work"
lynn looking for nekozawa "nekozawa there you are!" she runs to him
"hi ya nekozawa!"
nekozawa "ah lynn, do you want to buy some voodoo dolls?"
lyn puts her finger over her lips,closes one eye, and whispers "I've got a proposition for you"
nekozawa "Oh, well then lets take a step into my office"
they walk to the black magic club, when they get inside,all of the memcers of the club were doing something odd like reading spells and stuff.. nekozawa and lynn go to a table near the back of the room

nekozawa "now whats that proposition you had in mind?"
lynn"I have this here book of spells, they actualy work, but they come with a price"
nekozawa " have caught my intrest, how much do you want for it?"
lynn "well, you must understand the price that each spell has as an effect"
nekozawa "go on..."
lynn "for every spell you use, depending on if its used for good or bad,will hurt you"
nekozawa "uh huh...and how will it hurt me?"
lynn"well, if you use a good spell, something good will hapen to you three times, most likely all different things, same with a bad spell"
nekozawa "so if i use a bad spell, something bad will happen to me 3 times"
lynn "exactly"
nekozawa "uh how much do you want for it?"
lynn "i'm not selling it to you"
nekozawa "then what was the point of telling me this?""
lynn "please let me finish.....well, I have a secret that I'm only going to share with you and your black magic club"
nekzawa "yes and that is?"
lynn "you must swear to keep it a secret and as a cover up we will have to pretend to play with the voodoo dolls"
nekozawa "does everyone understand? we must keep this an absolute secret!"
the club members "yes sir!"
lynn stands up "here is my secret for you."
the door locks by itsself, lynn throws down a smoke bomb that makes smoke around her for effect, she then had a witch hat and outfit on
nekozawa "what a surprize, I didnt expect that one'
lynn "well, how do you think I obtained this book, I am a witch after all. well, Ill be dropping by occasionally, because noone else knows about this and I like hanging around your club"
nekozawa "fair enough, I will take the book in exchange for keeping your secret safe milady"
lynn "thank you-"
they hear banging at the door everyone became silent
voice at the door "LYNN ARE YOU IN THERE?!?!"
lyn "oh no, thats the host club"
lynn sat on the floor and looked like a student again, nekozawa picked up some voodoo dolls, threw some on the ground, kept one in his hand and went to answer the door, he unlocked it and kouru,hikuoru,and tamaki fell.
hunny jumped over the fallen host club members nd rushed over to lynn
hunny "Hello lynn, are you ok? your on the ground"
lynn "oh hello hunny kun, I was just playing voodoo dolls with nekozawa is all"
hunny "this place is scary, can we leave now?"
lynn "sure"
hunny grabs her hand she stands up and they walk out of there.
lynn "see you later nekozawa"
nekozawa "indeed"

lynn "kyoya, why are you all here, what about the host club?"
kyoya "they were all worried about you, and the host club has already ended for the day"
lynn "i've been gone that long?"
hunny "yup!"
lynn looks at the fallen host club members "oh I'm so sorry I made you worry"
the guys get up off of the ground.
kouru and hikouru "lynn-"
lynn "well I'd better be going, now that school is over for the day"
lyn turns and starts walking
kouru and hikouru run after her and they both grab one of her arms
both of them "lynn.....why have you been ignoring us?"
lynn is shocked to here that
lynn " not trying too..."
both twins "Prove it"
lynn "I was going to ask nekozawa if we could all go to his beach this weekend" she was looking at the ground.
"it was going to be a surprize..."
both twins let go over her shocked at what they are hearing
she starts running away the twins deep in thought thinking what have we done?

Chapter three : Danger lurks around every corner

Lynn didnt want to talk to the twins or the host club after what happened the day she tried her hardest to ignore them by staying as far away from them as possible...which is kind of hard during school she was walking out the main door to the school when.....

WHOOSH! hikouru and kouru abducted her, put her in the limo and away the host club, with some guests, went.

lynn "whats going on?"
she is sitting next to kyoya since there are about 12 chost club costomers there too.
kyoya "well, the twins felt bad about yesterday and figured that you were ging to try to ignore them today"
lynn "they got that right, and?"
kyoya "they begged and pleaded for me to arrange a day where we could al go to the beach"
lynn "let me guess, the catch was that they still had to entertain the costomers"
kyoya "you guessed it"
lynn "great..." nekozawa's beach

lynn decided to sit by kyoya and watch everyone since she knew she still had questions for him
lynn " this is nekozawa's beach?"
kyoya "precisly"
lynn "I might as well go and enjoy myself"

she gets up and starts walking to the cat shaped cliff. the twins see her and run over to her
the twins "Hey Lynn!! Come join us!!"
she turns around, they just caught up to her
the twins "are you still mad at us?"
lynn "I don't know what to say, you guys are always trying to fix things by taking over"
kouru "are you going over to that big scary cat looking cliff?"
lynn "I was, why?"
hikouru "well, it looks pretty dangerous, someone should go with you"
lynn "I'm fine, I can handle myself. "

a group of what looks like jelous looking fans came over
what looks like the leader "we'll go with you lynn"
lyn "great! We can collct shells to make a sand castle!"
lyn and the four of them start heading over to the clliff
lynn "see you later!! don't get distracted from your work!!"
they get to the foot of the cliff ((the bottem of it where there is still sand))
lynn "well kirimika, I know you guys wouldnt come unless you had a reason"
she said as they walked over the mouth to the other side where the shells are
kirimika the leader "we don't think you should be spending any more time with the host club"
lynn "you probably cant tel, but I'm trying to get away from them for you, but they keep following me like lost dogs"
she picks up some shells and puts them in her bucket
kirimika "You'd better try harder"
lynn "it would be easier if you spent more time with them"
kirimika was disgusted "hmph...lets go girls "
they start walking over the cliff to get back to the others but were stopped by 2 strong looking guys
kirimika "Out of the way, we need to get to the other side"
guy1 "what do we have here?"
guy2 "looks like some fine looking ladies"
guy1 "how would you ladies like to come back to our place ad hang for a while?"

the girls run back dwn to lynn, but instead of going to lynn, they went over the mouth to get to the other side
the guys cornered them, one followed them, the other came from the othr side.

kirimika "leave us alone"
guy2 "oh come on, we're nly gonna have a little fun"
lynn comes up to where everyone is in the mouth of the cat looking cliff
lynn"You pests leave those defenseless girls alone"
guy1 "well look whos talking"
lynn walks over to kirimika and the others and whispers to them "you guys go and get the hosts, but one of you will need to stay, so that we can distract while you go get help, ok?"
kirimika "how about we all go and leave you behind to distract them?"
the girls run back to the hosts leaving lynn behind saying "wait-"

guy1 "Looks like we got ourselves some bait"
guy2 "yea"
guy1 "I'll have at her first while you guard, then we switch"
guy2 "gotcha"

lynn thinking oh gawd what have I gotten myself into..

guy1 started walking twards her, she started walking backwards into the cave, but tripped on a rock and fell on her but.guy1got closer then knelt down getting his face closer to her, he held her hands down so that she couldnt escape, she leaned backwards s that her face would get away from his, but she found herself laying on the ground,
guy1 "Looks like I'm gonna have me some fun"
he tries to kiss her, but she keeps moving her head so that he cant.

meanwhile..... the girls come running back to the hosts
kirimika "did we miss any thing?"
kouru notaces that lynn isnt with them
kouru "wheres lynn??"
kirimika "shes coming"
they start walking over to the volly ball net when they hear lynn scream.
hikouru and kouru "lynn!"
all of the hosts think her name but the twins actualy said it.
tamaki "kirimika, what happened back there?"
the all of the hosts except tamaki were running to the cliff
kirimika "what are you talking about, she said she was right behind us"
one of her followers got scared and blurted out "there were these 2 strange guys, lynn told us to come get you guys for back up, but we ditched her instead!"
tamaki started running.
tamaki "girls stay here for your own safty!"

when the hosts got there...
there was guy1 on top of lynn pinning her to the ground, kissing her....and guy2 was ready to fight. hunny and mori took care of guy2, kyoya just watching taking notes,tamaki still running, kouru and hikouru standing above the guy1
twins "what do you think your doing?"
guy1 stops kissing her "what ever I want to"
they pick him up and say "Your gonna wish you never did that"
they started beating the crap out of him.
lynn still sort of shocked is sitting up wiping her mouth.
she thinks 'its a good think I didnt use my powers, but if I had, i might have been found out'
nekozawa appears out of what seems like no where,
nekozawa "Here let me help you up"
he helps lynn up.
lyn "thank you nekozawa"
everyone too busy to notace.
nekozawa "how about we head up to the house, I know a short cut"
lynn "ok"
they start walking further into the cave.
near the back of the cave, nekozawa opened the wall, they both went inside of it, he closed the wall,took the candles and they started walking up the pathway.

mean while at mouth of the cave....
tamaki just getting there
tamaki "uh, guys, where did lynn go??"
they stop beating the crap out of the guys
kyoya "you just missed her, nekozawa took her to the house"
the twins "WHAT?!?!"

End chapters1-3
next set of chapters 4-6

(I apologize for any misspelling and calling the bad scary fangirl neckozawas little sister's name Dx)
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Re: The ultimate fanfiction.
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2011, 07 PM »
Oh my god, it's finally happened.

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Re: The ultimate fanfiction.
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eh heh heh it hasnt happened before? ^_^''''
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Re: The ultimate fanfiction.
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im currently stuck on a chapter and need to find inspiration to decide what happens next... maybe i should go for a stroll... or sit there and day dream for a while....
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